Therapeutic Socks Market - Global Industry Dynamics 2019-2020, Trends and Forecast 2021–2028

Therapeutic socks are primarily designed for compression therapy. These socks put gentle pressure on the foot and help improve blood circulation. Therapeutic socks are also used to prevent swelling and reduce pain.

Driving Factors

  • The global therapeutic socks market is expected to witness an immense surge in demand in the upcoming years, due to a rise in the number of aging population across regions. Therapeutic socks have undergone several changes and improved throughout the years to meet the growing demand from consumers who wants to have healthy feet.

  • Moreover, compression therapy has been proven to be an extremely effective way to treat venous disorders. Wearing therapeutic socks also prevent them from occurring. Therapeutic socks are also important for diabetic patients because these socks can aid in the prevention of diabetic foot wounds and several other foot problems.

  • Furthermore, therapeutic socks are not only useful for those with medical conditions but are for athletes and people recovering from any surgery. For athletes, therapeutics socks help prevent shin splints. These factors are contributing to the growth of the therapeutic socks market.

  • Therapeutic socks help improve blood circulation and hence, are widely preferred by pregnant women, office goers who need to sit in one position for a long time, pilots, drivers, and others


  • The availability of counterfeit products is one of the major factors affecting the growth of the therapeutic socks market. Counterfeit products are often not manufactured as per standards and regulations and pose significant health hazards. Moreover, some consumers are skeptical about the effectiveness of therapeutic socks. This is likely to hamper the market growth.

Market Segmentation

  • The global therapeutic socks market can be segmented based on type, compression level, end-user, distribution channel, and region

  • In terms of type, the therapeutic socks market can be classified into standard and graduated. Based on the compression level, the therapeutic socks market can be divided into mild compression, moderate compression, firm compression, and extra-firm compression. In terms of end-user, the therapeutic socks market can be bifurcated into men and women.

  • Based on the distribution channel, the therapeutic socks market can be split into offline and online. The online channel can be sub-divided into company-owned websites and e-Commerce websites. The offline channel can be sub-divided into organized stores and unorganized stores.

  • The global therapeutic socks market can be divided into North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Europe. Furthermore, the regions are divided into countries such as the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the U.K., GCC Countries, South Africa, China, India, Japan, Australia, and Brazil. North America accounts for a major share of the global therapeutic socks market. Advanced healthcare facilities and a rise in the number of an aging population are significantly driving the market in North America. However, the therapeutic socks market in the Asia Pacific is expected to witness rapid growth, owing to an increase in the number of manufacturing facilities to meet the growing demand.

Competition Landscape

  • Competition in the global therapeutic socks market is increasing due to the presence of a large number of local and international manufacturers across all geographies. Moreover, the market is also witnessing the entry of new players. Therapeutic sock manufacturers are primarily focusing on innovative solutions with advanced technology and efficiency in order to cope with increasing demand. Key players operating in the global therapeutic socks market are the 3M Company, Elastic Therapy, SIGVARIS, mediGmbH & Co KG, Therafirm, Essity Aktiebolag, Santemol Group Juzo, Dr Segal’s., Medikal, SanylegS.R.L., Medtronic Plc., Calzificio ZETA S.R.L., and others.


By Type:

  • Standard

  • Graduated

By Compression Level:

  • Mild Compression

  • Moderate Compression

  • Firm Compression

  • Extra-Firm Compression

By End User:

  • Men

  • Women

By Distribution Channel:

  • Online

    • Company-owned Website

    • e-Commerce Website

  • Offline

    • Organized Stores

    • Unorganized Stores

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