Electric Shavers Market – Global Industry Dynamics 2019-20, Trends and Forecast, 2021-2028

An electric shaver is a device used for shaving and removal of unwanted hair on the body. The electric shaver has rotating or oscillating blades behind a metal guard, which helps to remove hair with the most convenient means of shaving. Electric shavers usually come in the rotary shaver and foil shavers. The rotary shaver has one or more round cutting heads on its faceplate with blades rotating under a grid. The foil electric shaver has two or more cutting blades arranged on top, which move to and fro in a vibrating mode under a foil with small holes that cut and catch the hairs.

Driving Factors

  • Convenient and easy usage in a more clean and precise shave has propelled the demand for electric shavers worldwide. Electric shavers have greater leverage over conventional razors in terms of skin-friendliness as well as safety.

  • Due to the growing network of e-Commerce across the globe, grooming products have witnessed an increased shift in sales from offline to online platforms. Various offers and discounts available online for grooming products have also propelled sales, thereby boosting the electric shavers market. Consumers can also evaluate and compare product features, and prices on e-Commerce sites, thereby serving as a more convenient method of shopping. Due to the quick facial hair cutting capabilities of trimmers and clippers, they are more popular among the youth. Trimmers have a protective covering that avoids direct contact of the skin with blades and have sets of blades that oscillate from one end to the other, thereby preventing cuts.

  • The electric shavers market is gaining popularity among consumers due to the growing attention toward personal aesthetics coupled with increasing demand for personal care electronic appliances. This demand is projected to grow during the forecast period and is expected to be the major factor driving the growth of the global electric shavers market.

  • Increasing inclination toward personal care electronics for use at home is boosting the global electric shavers market. Additionally, increasing the importance of grooming in the day-to-day life of consumers is driving the adoption of electric shavers.

  • The growing adoption of automation in personal care appliances in the market is fueling the global electric shavers market. The introduction of new and advanced products with newer technologies is projected to further drive the market.

Restraining Factors

  • The presence and easy availability of substitutes are hindering the growth of the global electric shavers market. Furthermore, cheaper products offering by local brands is a big challenge for global manufacturers of electric shavers.

Market Segmentation

  • The global electric shavers market can be segmented based on type, end-user, distribution channel, and region

  • Based on type, the global electric shavers market can be classified into rotary shavers, foil shavers, wet/dry shavers, trimmers, and clippers

  • In terms of end-user, the global electric shavers market has been classified into male and female

  • Based on the distribution channel, the electric shavers market has been bifurcated into online and offline. An offline distribution channel is further divided into specialty stores, hypermarkets/supermarkets, health & beauty stores, and others.

  • In terms of region, the global market can be divided into North America (U.S., Canada, and Rest of North America), Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, and Rest of Europe), Asia Pacific (India, Japan, China, and Rest of Asia Pacific), Middle East & Africa (GCC Countries, South Africa, and Rest of the Middle East & Africa), and South America (Brazil and Rest of South America)

Competition Landscape

  • Key players operating in the global electric shavers market include KoninKlijke Philips N.V., Spectrum Brand Holdings Inc., Procter & Gamble Co., Wahl Clipper Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Helen of Troy Limited, Braun GmbH, Remington Products Company, and Eltron Company


  • By Type

    • Foil Shavers

    • Rotary Shavers

    • Wet/Dry Shavers

    • Trimmers

    • Clippers

  • By End-User

    • Male

    • Female

  • By Distribution Channel

    • Online

    • Offline

      • Health & Beauty Stores

      • Specialty Stores

      • Supermarkets/Hypermarkets

      • Others

  • Region

    • North America

      • S.

      • Canada

      • Rest of North America

    • Europe

      • Germany

      • France

      • Italy

      • K.

      • Rest of Europe

    • Asia Pacific

      • China

      • India

      • Japan

      • Rest of Asia Pacific

    • Middle East & Africa

      • GCC Countries

      • South Africa

      • Rest of Middle East & Africa

    • South America

      • Brazil

      • Rest of South America

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