HVAC Air Purifier Market - Global Industry Dynamics 2018-19, Trends and Forecast, 2020–2027

A HVAC Air Purifier is the device which is designed to bring optimized process control to all heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. Rising demand for power and electricity, urbanization and industrialization has significant impact over HVAC air purifier market. Global warming due to change in climate have become evident over the past few decades. This lead to increasing growth of HVAC Air Purifiers market at a significant rate due to deployment of indoor temperate. Countries with high climatic fluctuations and hot weather are likely to be the dominant markets for HVAC Air Purifiers. Rising demand for construction, smart cities and smart buildings are anticipated to enhance the demand for HVAC Air Purifiers during the forecast period.

Driving Factors:

  • Numerous factor such as rising expansion of industries, construction activities, stringent government regulations regarding emission and power consumption, improving lifestyle of people, and rising disposable income are projected to fuel the demand for HVAC Air Purifiers over the forecast period

  • HVAC Air Purifiers installation has increased inside all the residential buildings across the globe due to their advanced energy-saving features. According to report given by the United Nations, urbanization in Asia is expected to reach 64.1% by 2050, which will open up new avenues for the construction industry. This is expected to have positive impact on the HVAC air purifier market

  • Furthermore increasing pollution across the globe and increasing airborne diseases are predictable to be the major factor driving the global HVAC air purifier market over the forecast period. Manufacturer invest large amounts in R&D to manufacture cost effective. Innovative and energy efficient HVAC Air Purifier equipment

Market Restraint:

  • High cost of HVAC Air Purifiers hampering the growth of the market. Moreover pollution caused by HVAC air purifier act as major restraint for the growth of the HVAC Air Purifier market. Climatic conditions of many region does not allow installation of HVAC purifier in a region

  • Regions that have humid climate tend to reduction of the life span of ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems due to their corrosive effects, resulting into declining share of HVAC air purifier market

Market Segmentation:

  • The HVAC air purifier market can be segmented in terms of filter technology, capacity, application, and end-use. In terms of filter technology HVAC air purifier is categorized into HEPA, ION an Ozone, activated carbon etc.

  • On the basis of capacity, the HVAC air purifier market can be categorized into below 10 kW, 10-100 kW, and more than 100 kW. In terms of application, the market is segmented into cooling towers, air handling units and pumps. Based on end-use, the HVAC Air Purifier market is bifurcated into residential, commercial, and industrial

  • On the basis of geography, the HVAC air purifier market has been segmented into North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Europe. Furthermore, the regions are divided into prevailing countries such as U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, U.K., GCC Countries, China, India, Japan, and Brazil

  • Europe is likely to dominate the market in terms of growth rate owing to growing tourism industry. In terms of market share North America is expected to have domains due to the growing real estate industry & well established service sector

  • Stringent rules and regulations of government and mounting construction activities, coupled with balanced industrial base are estimated to drive the HVAC Air Purifier market in coming years. Asia Pacific is predictable to show significant rate of growth due to growing population and rising standard of living of the people in MEA countries. This lead to increasing growth of HVAC Air Purifiers over the forecast period

Competitive Landscape:

  • Players are focusing more on the R&D activities so as to incorporate new features and launching new products to remain competitive in the market

  • Key players operating in the HVAC air purifier market include Qm Power, Toshiba, Johnson Controls, ABB HVAC Air Purifier, Mitsubishi Electric, Fuji Electric, Hitachi, and ABB HVAC Air Purifier

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