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The consumer goods & retail industry’s growth over the past couple of decades has been exhilarating, to say the least. Consumer goods companies have launched novel consumer products to meet a burgeoning array of human desires and needs. The players operating in the CG industry have rapidly expanded into the flourishing consumer markets of the developing economies. Furthermore, they have aggressively created global scale along value chain’s all parts in order to make this escalated growth profitable and possible. The innovative strategies followed by the CG companies, coupled with augmented margins and rapidly growing categories, have time and again delivered exceptional shareholder returns.

Today, the consumer goods and retail industry is on the brink of a new age: Virtual shopping. The face of new economy, e-commerce has just been here, and yet more unique and disruptive ways have already been created to flood the market, providing entirely different customer experiences. Nevertheless, as the industry approaches further, disruptions in the global consumer goods markets are expected to produce as many losers as winners among CG players. For instance, Asia Pacific region will outstrip the West as the major consumer market, and will demand different levels of disruption from CG companies. Traditional sales models could be toppled owing to increasing Internet penetration. Some of the major problems that CG companies face include shifting consumer approach towards products & brands, changing stringent regulations and new entrants to the consumer goods and retail sector.

Industry Probe’s business intelligence reports on consumer goods and retail industry provide insights into the undercurrents of the industry and prepare them to respond to any tests they face at any stage of the business cycle. 

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